Insurance Eligibility Verification / Checking

Synapse Dental Billing Insurance Eligibility Verification / Checking

Reduce time consuming phone calls

The average wait time on an insurance call is seventeen minutes. Synapse prioritizes eligibility and benefits so your dental office can save time and money, keep a record of patient eligibility information, and increase overall efficiency. You will have more approved claims due to less eligibility issues and your office can focus more on your patients. Organization and efficiency goes hand in hand, it’s not doing more to get more, it’s doing the right thing every time and lose nothing.

Our team will uphold strict compliance to your practice protocols and continuously verify ongoing claims to ensure eligibility and authenticity when finalizing dental coverage.

Patient eligibility verified at least 5 days ahead of the scheduled appointment
Recare procedures are verified if payable on the date of the recare visit, frequency limits, waiting periods
Walk in patient’s eligibility are verified real time by our eligibility verification specialist
Verification breakdown sheets are customizable to include procedures commonly done by your practice.
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