How To Recruit Good Staff For Dental Office

Knowing how to recruit good staff can ensure the success of your practice. It’s tough to get the best candidates, but this blog will show you how to get the best hires.

Take Your Time To Recruit A Great Team

It can be dangerous to haphazardly hire people for your dental office. Avoid the knee-jerk reaction of hiring immediately and take your time to make informed decisions.

Here is a list of steps to help you hire the right employees:

1. Write an accurate job description that reflects your needs.
2. Advertise your open position on job sites and social media.
3. Review your candidate’s qualifications to ensure you interview the right ones.
4. Conduct interviews on the phone and then in person.
5. Check the applicant’s skills by testing them.
6. Run a background check.
7. Choose whether or not to hire that person.

Don’t skip steps because they are necessary to let you know your prospective hire. You can also ask for help from an HR professional to help you get the best employee possible.

Double Check How Much Staff You Need

Check the factors that may influence the number of staff you need, such as the number of patients a day, number of chairs, and doctors.

Here are a few guidelines to help you when hiring staff:

1. Decide on hiring in-house employees or outsourcing
2. Check how many chairs and dentists you have before hiring
3. Hire another staff member when handling more than 22 patients a day

You can also check other dental offices to see how much staff they have versus the number of patients they get. For starting practices, you may want to outsource certain jobs not necessary to treating patients to save money.

Prepare A Proper Job Description

Writing a proper job description may seem easy, but there are a lot of ways to turn off good candidates if you’re not careful. The three necessary qualities of a good job description are accurate, attractive, and detailed. You may also want to tell your prospective candidate about the culture in your practice.

Here are some tips to write a proper job description:

1. Make your office’s job title clear.
2. Create a short but engaging job overview to hook candidates.
3. List down the duties and qualifications you need in an organized manner.
4. Avoid using extremes or superlative modifiers to prevent turning people off.
5. Get help from employees to help you write a good description.
6. Put a sense of urgency in your job ad to get people to apply.

Be sure to add the following details that your potential applicants want to know. Details like salary range and your location because these details are necessary for applicants to make informed decisions. Your ad will be skipped most of the time due to a lack of details.

Review Resumes

Reviewing the resumes sent to you is one of the most important initial steps you must do to get good employees. You will get tons of resumes from your ad, and you need to learn to filter those you will interview.

Here is a list of tips to help you filter resumes:

1. Filter out applicants with long gaps between jobs
2. Avoid resumes where the skills and duties do not follow a chronological order
3. Cross-reference an applicant’s skill set versus what you need from your job ad
4. Search for typos and miss punctuations in their resumes
5. Check the dates in their employment history to filter out job hoppers.

Learning how to filter out good resumes from others will help you avoid wasting time. You can ask for help from an HR professional if you need more help filtering out candidates.


This is arguably the most important step in the hiring process because it will determine your pool of candidates. You need to set up interviews to assess which candidates are the best for the job.

These steps can help during the interview for filtering better candidates:

1. Provide a casual atmosphere to get people to talk more openly
2. Ask them about their work experience from their resume and check for discrepancies
3. Start asking behavioral questions to gauge how they would react in certain situations
4. Create an assessment or exam to learn how they will do in the job
5. Follow a simple structure in your interviews to help you compare candidates
6. Create a grading system to use for gauging each candidate

Finally, you need to gauge how well you get along with the candidate.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Can I stand to be around them in the office?
2. Do I like how they treat others?
3. Will my customers be happy dealing with this person?

If the answer is yes to all these questions, then you might have a potential hire.

Interviews are complex, and you might want to watch videos and get expert opinions because this process can make or break your practice. Consult with an HR professional to get tips should you need them.

In conclusion, using a few tips for hiring staff can increase your chances of getting the best hires possible. On that note, you can hire Synapse to handle your dental billing to ensure swift payments.

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