How To Choose Your Dental Billing Firm

Hiring a dental billing firm to save your practice money is a great idea, but you must know how to pick a dental billing firm. Read on to find out what qualities a dental billing firm must possess to help your practice.


Check Their Experience

Whenever your potential patient is shopping for a dentist, they’re looking for experience. The same should be considered when selecting your dental billing firm. You need to ask the right questions, such as how long have they been in the business? Were their previous clients happy and can they help your practice? These questions will help you figure out if the dental billing firm is right for your needs.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. That being said, it takes years to become a dental billing expert. Navigating through all the loopholes and hoops takes time. This is the reason why you need an experienced dental billing firm to handle your practice’s billing.


Check For Honest Reviews

The online reviews you see are sometimes paid for or just made by the company. You must find reviews from other dental practice’s in the area to get an accurate read of the dental billing firm you’re interested in hiring. Reach out to other dentists in the area if there are no reviews to get an honest answer. From these dentists, you will find out the dental billing firm’s skills and customer services. Doing this step will help you find out the dental billing firm’s legitimacy.


Customer Service

Your chosen billing company must be quick and available because these are the hallmarks of quality customer service. The billing company must keep your claim denials at a minimum to prevent delays in your reimbursement.

Here is a list of qualities that show you that a company has good customer service:


Your chosen firm must personalize their interactions to make every customer feel special. They must exude empathy to let your clients know that they care. The human touch personalized customer service can make you come back for more services. Don’t think too much about the cost but consider whether they are a service you wish to come back to in the future.



When choosing a dental billing firm, you want to see competence. It is the biggest reason you’re asking for help with something you may not be fully equipped to handle. The dental billing firm you choose must be familiar and knowledgeable of your needs and how to solve your problems with the best care possible. The more knowledge and experience your chosen company has, the better they will perform.



Your office and customers will want convenience when talking to customer service representatives. You must pick a dental billing firm that offers support through multiple channels that your customers use. The availability of multiple channels facilitates better communication with your customers.

Your patients will also be affected by your choice. Select a dental billing firm that treats your customers the way you want to be treated.



Your office will want a proactive dental billing firm. You will want to be notified immediately if something happens where their process is slowed. You may not be happy about the inconvenience, but you will always appreciate that heads up.

You can be sure a dental billing firm is good by looking for these four important qualities for customer service. It will give you and your customers a positive experience which may translate to return business.



You want to hire a dental billing firm to lower your overhead costs. They can save your practice money from salary and government-mandated benefits. You will also have access to their vast array of knowledge that can get you paid quicker. Dental billing firms have years of experience under their belts and know how to pass through every loophole and obstacle to get you paid. They will minimize all your denials and get you paid as quickly as possible.

You should also check the prices of the dental billing firm. They may have different prices for the different service packages you can avail of for your practice. You should ask for a detailed price breakdown for their different service packages to know exactly what you’re purchasing

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