The proper SEO gets your website seen. Building a website is only the first step in reaching out to your potential patients. It won’t matter if you offer the best services or have the best website without the proper SEO because no one will ever learn about you. The right SEO will get your site to the top of web searches enabling your potential patients to find you. What is the proper SEO, and how do you get started?

Here are a few SEO practices to help you get to the top of the list.



Website ranking is important because it decides whether or not potential patients find you online. You’ll find that most people searching online never go beyond the first page. Using keywords plays an important role in your website’s ranking because potential patients type in keywords in the search engines to find your webpage. You need to use the correct keywords to help your website rank higher, which puts your page at the top of the search hierarchy.

You can find SEO keywords and their many variations using various SEO platforms. Never overstuff your web pages with keywords. You have to use the keywords in a way that sounds natural because Google’s algorithm checks web pages regularly. Overstuffing your web page with keywords will cause Google to lower your page’s ranking if not outright remove it from the list.



Backlinks are links found in other websites that lead back to your website. They are a means other websites use to vouch for your site’s credibility. If your website has plenty of backlinks, Google will rank your website higher. The higher rank increases the chances of potential patients finding your site.

Here are three easy ways to increase your website’s backlink potential.


Blog Post

Writing blog posts about oral health topics that help people can increase your website’s traffic. Writing a blog post yourself can be difficult if writing is not your forte. It might be best to get a writer to write the blog for you. Be sure to check the writer’s work every time for accuracy. The blog posts can give other websites an incentive to link back to you when they need to explain something outside of their expertise.



Forums are websites where people converse by posting messages. You can answer some questions people ask on this platform to establish yourself as an authority of oral health. Giving a short answer and linking back to your website’s blog can also give you the backlinks you need. If your content is good, people may also link to your post to answer questions.


Community Events

Joining community events can help you get your name out there. Other people with websites may link to your site, which can help establish trust in your community.


Website Structure

Your website needs a good structure to keep people reading and have Google increase your search ranking.

Here are a few rules to follow to create a great website.

Make sure the site is fully accessible in three clicks or less or risk increasing the bounce rates.
Use interlinking to make navigating the site easier.
Ensure your website is mobile-friendly because 60% of Google searches are from mobile phones.
Your website should only take three seconds to load.

Here are some tips for a faster performing site:

Use a fast web hosting service
Compress images and videos for a smaller file size
Remove the unnecessary plug-ins and codes

In the end, SEO determines whether potential patients find your website in their searches. It’s a well-known fact that people will only look for your site on the first page of their search engines. Exercising the proper use of keywords, backlinks, coupled with the right website structure, can push your website to the top of their search results.