Running your dental practice can be financially difficult. Getting your reimbursements from insurance companies can feel like a fight, but hiring a dental billing firm can make it easy.

Below are some key areas a dental billing firm can help your practice.


Time Management

Patient eligibility verification is one of the most time-consuming parts of dental billing.

You must know what procedures the insurance payers are going to cover. Your in-house dental biller may struggle with the different policies from the different providers. They must also contend with new updates to your patient’s insurance policies.

Outsourcing the billing to a dental billing firm can save you a lot of time. These firms know the ins and outs of the many insurance companies to expedite the verification process. They also watch for updates and train their staff accordingly, so you’re never blindsided by new changes.


Cost Efficiency

Hiring a biller for your dental practice can cost you a lot. First, you have to pay the biller’s salary and benefits such as healthcare and social se