Dental Management Processes You Should Have This 2023

Dental Management Processes You Should Have This 2023
Owning a dental practice takes work. Whether you’re managing it by yourself or with a dental service organization (DSO), you’ll need to master organization, efficiency, and knowledge on how to stand out. Hence, dental practice management can be a handful. From check-ups to phone etiquette, to administrative work, every component of a dental practice needs to be streamlined for optimal patient experience. At Synapse Revenue Cycle Management, we help set your practice up with patient care and financial health at your core.

What is Dental Practice Management?

Dental practice management is a set of practices, procedures, and skills that turn education in dentistry into an actual viable practice. It helps maintain and grow a practice where dentists can focus on providing the highest quality of care. There’s more to it than setting appointments, sending out reminders, and handling billing. While these activities are vital, you also need to have a diverse array of business skills to do the following:

  • Formulate an overall plan for the development of your practice
  • Collect the appropriate metrics to measure your dental success
  • Manage overall finances
  • Review suppliers and supply costs
  • Maintain your online presence through social media channels
  • Reduce patient cancellations and no-shows
  • Educate patients post-consultation
  • Streamline operations

All the above-mentioned duties take dentistry to the next level, but it is not easy. Handling each activity is too time-consuming and you could lose control over your practice with a single error. To ensure you achieve your revenue goals and growth, Synapse is here to support your dental verification, billing, coding, claim-related tasks, and other administrative duties, making it less intimidating and more efficient. You may read more about our services here.

5 of the Best Dental Management Processes This Year

Below are the different dental management processes leading to the success of many dental clinics in 2023. This is an excellent opportunity to be flexible and look at what needs to be improved, resulting in better dental services for your patients, which means an increase in revenue.

Implement morning huddles for better efficiency

The purpose of a morning huddle is to increase team efficiency and coordination through brief, timed, well-organized, inclusive, and engaging group activity. By gathering the team together, you can discuss ideas, plan projects, exchange feedback, and ask questions. This allows leaders to offer support and guidance, resulting in effective problem-solving, better interpersonal relationships, and reduced conflict.

Better communication with patients

According to the American Dental Association, the average patient retention is less than 41%, which means only four out of ten new patients revisit the same dentist. It’s worth noting that different factors affect patient retention, including the size of your practice, your location, and the types of services you offer. However, communicating with your patients in a transparent manner is very important. Patients are more likely to come back when they know they’re speaking with someone they could trust.

Improve your marketing strategy

Every business, like a dental practice, needs a marketing plan. This helps you differentiate your practice by increasing your exposure, reaching your ideal target audience, and expanding your patient base. Nowadays, the following marketing channels serve as many dental practices’ compass:

  • Email campaigns
  • Social media platforms
  • SEO-optimized website
  • Webinars and blogs

The key is to bring value to your viewers, so you can attract new leads. Synapse has been elevating the marketing presence of our clients in the dental industry and continues to deliver excellent service. If you’re interested to know more about our SEO optimization and website development, you may check out our page here.

Have Flexible Payment Plans

Dental procedures may be costly for some patients even with insurance. Flexible payment options can be a practical solution to keep money flowing into your accounts than just turning them away. In this way, they can still schedule regular visits and invest in quality dental care. You can achieve this with different flexible payment plans such as discounts, referral schemes, special financing, payment by installments, and more.

Outsource Your Dental Billing Processes

Does saving time, saving money, and having access to genuine expertise interest you? Then the right move for you is to outsource dental billing processes to achieve these benefits. To help you assess if it’s better to stay with your in-house staff or outsource them, you can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your in-house staff have the required expertise to manage all current tasks?
  2. Is it more affordable to hire additional staff or to pay for the services of an outsourcing company?
  3. Is it essential you control all aspects of your business?

If you have your answers to these questions, you can discuss them with us and get started on your outsourcing journey. All in all, practice management is essential in every dental provider and lays the foundation for your growth and success. As time goes by, improvements surrounding dental practice management will emerge and patient experience will remain the top priority of dental clinics; thus, it’s up to you whether to utilize these techniques to fuel your next step. You may schedule an appointment with us by contacting or calling us at (844) 384-7532.