Dental Billing and Coding Tips

Applying the right dental billing and coding tips can save your practice. We get it, running a dental practice is hard because of current events. Read on to get tips for your billing and coding to help you turn things around for your practice.


Regular Training

Dental coding is an ever-expanding field that gets regular updates. Getting the correct codes in your claims is critical to getting payments. You need to make sure your staff gets updated on the latest coding practices. Check for seminars or training modules to help get your staff up to speed about the latest coding practices. Double-check your codes before sending out any claims to avoid wasting time.


Education and Qualifications

Your dentist education and training do not teach how to run the business side of your practice. Sadly, your practice is a business, and it requires business knowledge to make work. You can do one of two things to alleviate your lack of business training. The first thing you can try is to get a business education by taking one or two business subjects to get business skills. The next solution is to get a business partner that has the business skills to help your practice.

Providing your staff with training to do other jobs than their assigned role is also important. You need redundancies in your practice to help cover any missing pieces. Your staff may become unavailable because of vacations, sickness, or resignation. These redundancies in your staff skill set can prevent disruptions to your cash flow.



Your dental practice can automate many tasks to save time. One way to automate would be your invoice, which can be configured once you enter dental codes into the system. Sending invoices and reminders to clients can also be done automatically with the right system. You must choose a robust and reliable system to prevent data breaches. Shop around and consult experts to find the right practice management system for your practice.


Dealing with Patient Balances

The first step to earning revenue for your practice is crafting robust yet flexible payment options. You need to consult with financial experts to help you create payment systems for your practice. Make sure you get a lawyer to make sure all your options are legal. Finally, if all else fails, you may want to consider getting help from a collection agency. It’s not ideal to get help from a collection agency, but it may be the only way your practice can survive.


Understand the Filing Process

Your billers need to understand the process of filing claims for each of the different insurance providers. Each provider has its quirks and protocol that you must follow to get reimbursements. These differences between providers can prevent you from gaining reimbursements. Be sure that proper training is conducted for your billers to help them understand the nuances in the billing process for the different providers.


Fee Adjustments

Your money-making must get with the ever-changing times. This means raising your prices to account for inflation and other expenditures. Utilities like rent, electricity, and medical supplies often rise every year. You must check and reassess your finances and pricing every year to make sure you are earning a fair wage. Adjust your fees every year to make up for the cost increases of your practice’s necessities.

Remember to be reasonable with your fee increases, and your patients will understand.

In conclusion, your dental practice needs to check for training, qualifications, automation, patient balances, filing process, and fee adjustments to improve your finances. Getting Synapse Dental Billing onboard to outsource your billing can increase your revenue because they will deal with all of these issues so you can focus on your patients.