Know more about our motivation in helping solve dental problems that cost thousands of revenue.

Synapse Dental Billing was established with a clear aim of providing quality revenue cycle management and dental solutions to providers in dentistry to help them achieve higher revenue.

Our experienced and motivated staff provide solutions that include coordination of all related aspects of the revenue cycle. We realized early on that eligibility checking, coding, billing, and collections are intertwined and must be maintained simultaneously to achieve higher revenue goals for our clients’ organization. All of our staff members have a thorough and in-depth understanding involving the billing cycle inside and out: coding, charge and payment entry, accounts receivable follow-up, insurance and patient calling, and handling billing inquiries to ensure you’re on top of your practice.

Your online presence will make your practice available to more patients. We can also help with web presence and web-based patient solutions, whether you need a new website to reach new patients or a mobile app for customer care.

We serve an expanding array of diverse healthcare entities and our clients are spread across the healthcare continuum, which is a testament to the functionality and flexibility of our core solutions. To find out more about our medical billing side please check out our website for Synapse Revenue Cycle Management. Be on top of your practice’s opportunities and earn more as soon as possible.

What We Do


Some patients see going to the dentist as a stressful, time-consuming experience, which only adds up when the bill arrives. Synapse provides expert dental billing outsourcing so our clients can stop worrying about billing and start focusing on patients. Having a professional and trained team whose main job is to properly handle your patients’ billing means your practice has more time to focus on making sure your patients are satisfied with your dental services.

Boost Customer Service

Our skill in customer service creates great experiences for our clients and their customers. Build long-lasting relationships and trust with your patients with unforgettable dental billing services.