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Turning Profits for Your Practice

Synapse Dental Billing has a mission to provide our clients the full and fair financial reimbursement, to which they are legally entitled, for services to their patients.

We have developed a team-driven approach focused on profitability for our clients. We improve revenue collections with an in-depth knowledge of information technology, business acumen and hard work.

We provide end-to-end claims processing and tracking, including detailed patient benefits verification, claims documentation review, claims submission, payments posting, denials management and tracking insurance receivables. Our dental billing services have been proven to increase revenue. Our clients have realized revenue increases from 20 to 50 percent.

Dental Billing Services

Eligibility Checking: Reduce time consuming phone calls

The average wait time on an insurance call is seventeen minutes. Synapse verifies eligibility and benefits so your dental office can increase efficiency, save time and money, and keep a record of patient eligibility information. You will have fewer denied claims due to eligibility issues and your office can focus on your patients.

Coding: Convert your records to payable claims

Our team of coders and experienced billers will help your practice sift through your notes, orders, and reports to make sure your services are completely billed out. You will get the best reimbursement for your services due to our team’s expertise in coding guidelines. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about missing insurance updates because our coding department is armed with the most current CDT databases so we can give you valid, payable codes, whenever you need them.

Start Collecting 100% of your Profits: Stop worrying about getting paid

Synapse makes sure from the start that your claim information is complete and accurate. We submit your claims electronically whenever available and religiously track and confirm claim acceptance. We use industry bulletins and website tools and collective feedback from providers to monitor changes in payer policies and reimbursements. We resolve denials, challenge underpaid claims, and follow up delayed payments. Synapse provides you with an extended manpower that will entertain your patients’ inquiries way into the night when the rest of your office and clinical staff are resting.

Software Development and SEO: Increase Patient Volume

Are you looking for more patients or a better online presence? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing strategy designed to boost a website’s visibility in search engine results. At Synapse Dental Billing, we help clients with web design and development, UI/UX design, custom WordPress themes, E-Commerce, Responsive web design (RWD), and UI design for SAAS and mobile apps. Our SEO and website development experts will work with you to reach your goals. Whether your website needs a makeover or you are looking to develop a mobile app for your patients, we can help.

Lower Turn Over and Save

Staff turnover means recruitment and retraining costs. It adds pressure on existing staff and disrupts processes in place, causes inefficiencies.
With Synapse Dental Billing, we relieve you of this stress. We worry about recruitment, retraining, continuity and consistency of process and enforcement of policy.
In many clinics we are close to being one of the oldest staff members after just 2 years. And we never go on vacation and work weekends.

What we do


Our focus is to help our clients by providing dental solutions that include coordination of all pertinent areas that will effect the revenue cycle. Synapse Dental realized early on that coding, eligibility checking, and billing are intertwined and must be maintained concurrently to achieve those efficiencies that promote higher revenue goals for our clients organization.

Boost Customer Service

Our skill in customer service creates great experiences for our clients and their customers.

Enhance Revenue

We enhance our client’s businesses through a committed workforce, who provides valuable experience with projects and limited turnover. We offer clients delivery models that are tailored to their needs.

Optimize Cost

Reducing operational costs is the primary concern of the majority of businesses that explore the possibilities of outsourcing. Our knowledgeable and competent staff provide results for our clients so they achieve their revenue goals, while being cost efficient.

Technology and Analytics

We offer expertise in operational processes because technology and data are only valuable when they are utilized to their full potential. Back office process automation, operations engineering, technology, and analytics are used efficiently to bring true advantages to our clients’ business.

About Us

Established with a view of specializing in the delivery of quality revenue cycle management solutions to providers in dentistry, Synapse Dental Billing has the expertise to help our clients achieve their revenue goals. In other words, we take care of all your practice management needs from A-Z so you can stop worrying about organization and profits and focus on your patients.

Our highly competent and well-educated staff help our clients by providing solutions that include coordination of all pertinent areas that will effect the revenue cycle. We realized early on that eligibility checking, coding, billing, and collections are intertwined and must be maintained concurrently to achieve those efficiencies to promote higher revenue goals for our clients organization. All of our staff members have been thoroughly trained to perform tasks involving all facets of the billing cycle: coding, charge and payment entry, accounts receivable follow-up, insurance and patient calling, and handling billing inquiries.

In today’s world, most new patients find dentists through searching the web. We can help with web presence and web based patient solutions, whether you need a new website to reach new patients or a mobile app for customer care.

We serve an expanding array of diverse healthcare entities and our clients are spread across the healthcare continuum, which is a testament to the functionality and flexibility of our core solutions. To find out more about our medical billing side please check out our website for Synapse Revenue Cycle Management.

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