Your All-around Dental Provider Solution

Start Collecting 100% of your profits with the leader in dental billing.

Outsource your dental insurance billing service and earn more money by paying less. Increase your revenue with end to end dental billing management handled by professionals and save money.

Advantages of Synapse Dental Billing


Increase Profit

Claims are checked according to documentation to make sure they are accurate and complete before being billed and all denials are followed-up.


Streamline Dental Billing Processing

Increase your revenue with smooth end to end revenue cycle management.


Patient Volume

Increase patient volume through our SEO and website development experts.


Eligibility Checking

Reduce time consuming phone calls and focus on other important tasks.

Turning Profits for Your Practice

Synapse Dental Billing provides end-to-end services to their clients to make sure they collect the money they deserve.

Providers risk a decrease in profit if they lack billing expertise which is why we’ve perfected a team-driven approach that covers all areas of billing for maximum earnings for our clients. With twenty years of experience and knowledge, Synapse has the technology and tools to provide our clients with unique business insight so they can focus on their patients.

We specialize in streamlining medical billing for dental practices from start to finish. From detailed patient benefits verification, claims documentation review, claims submission, payments posting, denials management and tracking insurance receivables, Synapse has you covered. Revenue increases from 20 to 50 percent have been received by our clients.

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Lessen Unnecessary Clutter

Besides the untapped profit outsourcing our dental insurance billing service provides, the practical benefits are significant. Medical Billing demands paperwork and with experts at the helm, you will have a lot of extra space for new records. Retraining after employee turnover also becomes a thing of the past, having a team of professionals constantly providing service and speed to your practice decreases unnecessary employee accidents that could lose you money.

Less paperwork doesn’t mean less data, it only means you will have a better grasp of your analytics and information when you have another set of minds managing it which you can digest when you need to. This firmer understanding of your patient and data will help you avoid billing errors during dental billing.


Payment Posting

Insurance EOBS are posted onto your practice’s system on a daily basis. Our team of professionals will ensure you have no difficulties with your end-of-day balancing.

Denied Claims Evaluation

Synapse has a first pass rate at over 90% because all claims are scrubbed and sent out to avoid denials.

In-depth Accountability Reports and Double Verification on Insurance Claims

Transparency is key, so weekly and monthly reports are …

Extensive Auditing Reports and Practice Analytics

Clean up your systems, organize your EHR charts and numbers to boost your practice’s productivity. 

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Our team will uphold strict compliance to your practice protocols and continuously verify ongoing claims to ensure eligibility and authenticity.

Coding to streamline and access relevant information

Our team of coders and experienced billers will help your practice sift through your notes, orders, and reports to make sure your services are completely …

Software Development and SEO

A better online presence widens your availability to more patients seeking services. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing strategy …

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